Our Mission

Support local businesses and individuals navigate the dynamic financial landscape and help them cultivate success over time.


Our Vision

Educate and provide clients with peace of mind and practical solutions for their individual needs.


Core Values 

  • Collaboration – Working with you, not for you
  • Trust – Advice you can count on
  • Honesty – What you need to hear, not always what you want to hear
  • Loyalty – Your requests are important and we support you.


We are professional, open-minded women with a desire to share our business and accounting knowledge with our community.

Bailey Clouthier


Did I mention I am thrilled to start this new venture!? With one of my besties nonetheless!

Even though I am gainfully employed at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories as Program Manager in Facilities Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation, I want to be part of this local small business momentum!  

During my wedding this May, Maegan, my Maid of Honour, kindly reminded me that we would be business partners one day. Little did she know, I heard her loud and clear!

We met in May 2012 in the “bullpen” at Welch LLP in Pembroke. We quickly became friends, all while travelling the valley to work with clients, filing during downtime, and arriving to work early to finish tax returns. Our days were spent auditing, bookkeeping and preparing taxes. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to leave public accounting and to enter the world of finance at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. This role introduced me to a different side of government, thus allowing me to utilize my knowledge of cost accounting. I completed my CPA, CGA designation in 2015, and never looked back!  AECL quickly became CNL, and my time as an analyst ended in 2017 when I successfully transitioned in to project management. I have expanded my management abilities, resourcefulness, problem solving skills and communication. But project management is not accounting. Having spent four years at the University of Ottawa to obtain my Bachelor of Commerce, and countless hours studying post-grad, I knew I had to return to what I set out to do as a career.

This new journey will be challenging, we will have late nights and long weekends, but we plan to learn and grow with new clients!

Maegan Jackson


Growing up in the Ottawa Valley has always been a true blessing. 

In 2012, I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Accounting with Honours. After that, I obtained my Chartered Professional Accountant designation. I worked in public accounting for a number of years, gaining experience and learning about the different aspects of the field. To diversify, I transitioned to the private sector and currently oversee the operations and accounting of multiple companies. Daily activities include bookkeeping, payroll, tender preparation, reconciliations, government remittances and financial statement preparation – all aspects needed to run a successful office and business.

I recognize the trust our clients place in us, and I strive to provide value and exceed expectations every day. We will work closely with our clients and understand their specific needs as we can relate to them on a level that most large firms cannot. We are approachable, and willing to work with our clients to ensure they receive the best experience possible. 

I met my partner Bailey at our first accounting job, working at a public accounting firm. We share the same love for accounting. Fast forward 9 years and we are running our own business, helping companies in our community enjoy the paperwork aspects of their business (hopefully just a little bit more than when we began)!